Sevenoaks Gutters offer gutter clearance and repair, as well as ongoing maintenance services on a 6 month or yearly basis.

But why exactly do gutters need maintaining? And how will you know when you need us!

How Will I Know There’s Something Wrong With My Gutters?

Gutters. You probably barely register they’re even there most of the time, let alone think about what job they do. But when they aren’t working as they’re supposed to, you’ll soon know about it!

Water spilling or dripping over the sides are classic signs of clogged gutters; but if you also notice that they are ‘sagging’, leaving stains on your brickwork, or you can see plants growing out of them, then it’s time to give us a call! 

Even if your gutters have none of those symptoms, a yearly maintenance check is highly recommended to keep them in tip-top shape – especially if you’ve never ventured up there to take a look yourself!

Why Are My Gutters Dripping?

You’ve decided to give us a call because everytime it rains your gutters are dripping or overflowing. But why are they dripping? 

Most likely it’s because your gutter is clogged with leaves and debris. 

We remove the offending debris by hand, so as to cause no damage to your gutters and to ensure the clog is removed in its entirety. If your downpipe is clogged it may have to be disconnected completely by a member of our specialist team in order to clear it out, before it’s reassembled – good as new! 

Why Is It Important To Keep Gutters Well-Maintained?

We’re glad you asked! Believe it or not, even a small leak in your gutters or downpipes can lead to incredibly serious issues such as the ruining of sidings, fascias and soffits, flooding, and even damage to the foundations –  all of which could lead to huge repair costs!

Having your guttering regularly checked and maintained could save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run!

Do Roofers Repair Gutters?

A common question – and not an unusual one – they’re often up there in the vicinity after all – and yes, some roofers do! However, we would always recommend you use the services of gutter repair and maintenance specialists such as ourselves. We are fully insured and trading standard approved, as well as CRB and DBS checked and proud members of

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