Chances are that if your fascias haven’t been cleaned recently, then they haven’t been painted or checked for any damage either. 

Sevenoaks Gutters provides a full fascia service – including painting and repairs. 

Why Paint Fascias?

Unless your soffits and fascia trim are made of aluminium or uPVC they are at risk of being damaged by the elements and deteriorating over time. If you have wooden fascias and soffits we recommend they’re painted every three to five years to keep them looking fresh and bright! 

Trying to save money by avoiding having your wooden fascias painted could end up being a false economy, as thanks to our wonderful British wet weather, you run the risk of rot – which can lead to gutter damage.

What Type Of Paint Do You Use?

A common mistake a lot of homeowners make when they choose to paint their own fascia boards is using oil paint rather than acrylic. Oil paint dries too slowly and is likely to form mildew in shaded areas. Not only that, but even with the right paint, it’s easy to not do a thorough job, miss, some areas, and end up needing it done by a professional straight after!

Save yourself the trouble and give us a call first!

We use only the very best weatherproof paint in the trade in order to give you the best, longest lasting results. 

How Long Does It Take?

Painting fascias and soffits isn’t always the quickest process – due in part to the preparation involved and the fact that we rely on good weather – however, we always aim to give you a realistic time frame for the size of your property, and are known in the game for our efficient and professional workmanship. 

Contact Dave or Debbie for info in the meantime

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