The job of fascias and soffits is to protect your roof and keep condensation and damp out of your home – so they play a hugely important part in the structural integrity of your house! 

Therefore, it’s important that homeowners recognise the signs that theirs might need replacing.

How Do I Know If My Fascia’s Need Replacing?

Maybe you’ve noticed cracked or flaking paintwork, damp spots, or signs of rot on your wooden fascias? Are birds and small rodents taking up residence in small openings? – this is a sign that your roofline is deteriorating. Maybe you’re seeing evidence of leaks or condensation? 

All of these are signs that your fascias need to be replaced. 

So, What Are The Options?

A cheap option is to clad your existing fascia boards with uPVC panels – but this is no good if the wooden boards are severely damaged, and could be a false economy. This is a good option though if you have new wooden fascias that you want to protect from the elements. 

Another option is to remove your damaged wooden fascias and have them replaced with new timber fascias. This is a good option if you have an older property or you have a more traditional aesthetic you want to maintain.

Our recommended option for most properties is to have your timber fascias replaced with uPVC – which requires minimum maintenance and is a more durable and weatherproof solution.  

Can I Replace My Fascias Myself?

We would always recommend you hire a professional such as ourselves for this type of exterior maintenance. We are experienced in the removal and replacement of all types of fascia boards and soffits.

If you’ve noticed that you have any type of animal habitation we recommend you don’t wait until you get a quote for fascia replacement! The longer any type of wildlife is nesting within your fascias or roofline, the more damage will be done and the more costly it will be in the long run.