At Sevenoaks Gutters we’re fully qualified and insured to carry out all types of exterior maintenance to ensure that your property not only retains value, but also doesn’t end up being a costly millstone around your neck!

If your home’s drainage system struggles to cope with the excess water caused by heavy rainfall (a problem often associated with older properties), a soak-away is an affordable solution to the problem.

What Is A Soak-away?

A soak-away ensures that your garden doesn’t become a quagmire in the winter that lasts through into the summer and ruins the enjoyment of your garden – no one wants to barbeque in their wellies!

Normally situated 5 metres from your foundations, a soak-away is a square or circular excavation filled with rubble or lined with brickwork that, as the name suggests, helps excess rain water to soak away. 

How Long Does A Soak-away Last?

A properly installed and filtered soak-away will last the life of your property, so is a worthwhile investment to make – especially if you are planning on selling your home at some point in the future. 

Can A Soak-away Get Blocked?

Soak-aways can get blocked with silt and leaves, that can sometimes prevent the rainwater from being collected efficiently and soaking back into the soil. We offer fully filtered soak-aways to eliminate this problem, and to reduce the need for future maintenance. 

What Maintenance Is Required?

In theory – none! Once your soak-away has been installed, that’s that! However, we recommend to keep an eye out for any new damp or standing water in and around the soak-away and drainage area. 

I Already Have A Soak-away….

If your property already has a soak-away, Sevenoaks Gutters offer inspections and health checks for your existing installation.

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